Could you be our next Express! rep?

We are looking for some to represent Girlguiding Manchester on the North West Region Express Committee.

Being a representative for Express! can take many different forms. It is an opportunity to bring the voices of the girls and young women from your division or county to the table and have them heard on a wider scale. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about Girlguiding and want to help it grow and adapt, then this is a role for you! Express! allows you to connect with new people, challenge yourself and acquire new skills, which will stay with you throughout life. We discuss various issues on a county level and work to address these whilst also having a lot of fun and creating new friendships along the way. Alongside this, we work together to complete many projects set by the Region Executive Team. One of our most recent projects being the Regions 50th Birthday badge.

Although we meet altogether, we have two age ranges that are applicable for this role (14 – 18 & 18 – 30). We mainly meet via zoom every eight to ten weeks and meet once a year (when permitted) in person at Region HQ.

The minimum expectations for each role are included below:

14 – 18 representative
* 2-year commitment minimum (with option to extend for a further year if needed).
* Attend meetings regularly.
* Contribute to discussions during meetings.
* Work with other representatives for your county (if applicable) to feedback to County Commissioner (CC) and/or county through email, taking notes or discussion.

18 – 30 representative
* As above (for 14 -18), plus;
* Support CC to find replacements through suggesting candidates you may have come across during your term or discussing the role with people that are interested in taking over.
* Communicating with CC to develop ways to gather ideas/opinions from the girls in your county. This could be through visits to Ranger/Guide meetings, on Zoom or contacting appropriate advisors for support.

Representatives taking on role for their Queens Guide
As the Queens Guide is a challenge to develop new skills and push yourself, the extra expectations set for these representatives are as follows. Evidence of this would need to be provided to the Chair of Express! for signing off this role.
* Additional role within Express! (Instagram, Deputy Chair or Secretary etc)
* Evidence of contributions made at a County level on behalf of Express!

If you are interested in becoming the Girlguiding Manchester representative please email [email protected]